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Bespoke garden design:
it’s what we do

At Black Robin Garden Design, our main aim is to create a garden that you will enjoy and love for years, and potentially decades to come; a garden that will fulfil your needs and wants; a garden that you will treasure and be proud to share with your friends and family.



Our Gardens







Considering the Environment

Our garden design will always have ecology and the care for nature at the very heart of it. Ecology doesn't have to be boring or ugly. Your garden design aesthetics will work hand in hand with the local ecology, introducing pollinator-friendly plants, allowing spaces for wild flowers, and alongside other ecological considerations , the garden design will aim to be both beautiful , practical and environmentally friendly.





Bringing Your Garden Ideas To Life

Black Robin Garden Design look forward to adding your garden to this auspicious list of beautiful garden designs in the near future! We will work with you to bring your ideas to life to create the garden of your dreams.