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How we create your garden landscape design






The First Meeting
Talking about your garden idea

Our first meeting is to establish basic information about the site, the scope of the project and where we will explain our approach to garden landscape design. If we both agree we are the right team to help achieve your aspirations, we’ll make our first visit to the location.

Appraising Your Garden

Once we have agreed on a price, we will arrange time for the appraisal, which usually takes a few hours. We’ll take the time to walk around the location and listen closely to your ideas, your aspirations and your intentions. We’ll also attune ourselves to the atmosphere of the location, and take stock of things that may affect the overall design, such as light, drainage, soil type, outlook and the overall aspect of the garden. We like to encourage you to contribute fully to the design process, so that you will fully enjoy the garden once it has been created for you.

Designing Your New Garden

We will draw up a concept design with your input. By doing this collaboratively, your ideas and additions can be absorbed into the project and will eventually feature in the finished garden. We will present the concept in a mood-board and illustrations initially, following up with a detailed 2D or bird’s eye design, with each area mapped out and labelled.


Creating Planting Plans

Once the landscape design is agreed a planting plan can be created.  Plants are carefully selected to create the right look and feel to complement the hard landscaping. Our expert designers will ensure you have the right plant for the right place and tailor the scheme to your level of expertise and the amount of time available to maintain the garden.  This can form part of the detailed design package.


Once the overall design has been agreed, a design package can be created to help facilitate a tendering process of two or three of landscape contractors if required.  We will analyse the tender responses and then produce a written tender report highlighting the merits and any possible concerns of each.

Soft Landscaping Services

We can provide professional maintenance schedules together with detailed advice and instructions on how to keep your planting scheme looking attractive all year round. Advice can be tailored for different audiences including homeowners, qualified gardeners, or maintenance contractors.





Happy To Help With Any Aspect Of Garden Landscape Design

Black Robin Garden Design are happy to help with all your garden projects. For example, if you already have the hard landscaping in place, we are happy to augment this with a planting plan.  

As North London Garden Designers, catering to clients with all types of property, we are well acquainted with working with small attached properties to large detached properties alike.