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Black Robin Garden Design offer a full garden design and build service from inception through to completion. We are committed to creating beautiful gardens, which meet the needs of our clients, and to championing the ecology within the domestic landscape.





Why the name 'Black Robin' garden design?

The Black Robin is a native New Zealand bird, which was on the critically endangered list in the 1980's.  It has been brought back from the brink of extinction through the intervention of the wildlife officers and the local community.  It is a renowned conservation success story and proof that we can all make a positive difference in our local ecology.








Bespoke Garden Design in North London and Beyond 

We believe the design and planning of your garden should be an enjoyable and inclusive experience. We will ensure that you and your ideas are central to the design process. Even if you are not too sure what you want at first, we can work with you to uncover the possibilities of your garden. To help with this process, during the planning and design stage, we will create image boards and illustrations so that you can clearly visualise your garden's hidden potential.

The ultimate design Master Plan will contain a comprehensive and detailed plan drawn to scale containing all the elements and specifications necessary to construct your proposed garden.  This will allow you the flexibility to implement the design in one go, or in various stages.  The choice is yours.





Planting Plans

We will create a planting plan for your garden that will allow the garden to mature into a space that is packed with year-round colour and interest.

We shall carefully select plants to create the right look and feel for your garden and that will flourish in the space they are allocated. We shall make sure the space complements the overall design scheme and the intended use of the garden, but we can adapt our plans according to your needs, and the amount of time you have available to maintain your garden.

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 Pond landscape and flower beds with our Garden Design


Hard and Soft Landscaping Services

We work in partnership with a very experienced and professional hard landscaping team, to ensure all the elements of the garden design have a solid foundation. Hard landscaping including patio's, walls, pathways and drainage is very important for ensuring your garden design is fully realised and stands the test of time.

Where the hard landscape lays down a good structure for your garden, the soft landscape is the living part of your garden. In selecting and designing the soft landscape, our head garden designer, Robyn Price, will ensure every aspect of your garden's soft landscaping is absolutely spot-on.







Ongoing Maintenance Service

We can provide detailed garden maintenance schedules alongside advice and instructions on how to keep your garden looking attractive all year round. As your garden matures and grows, different plants may need different amounts of care on an ongoing basis. Pruning, watering, trimming, and replanting is all part of the joy of managing a living environment.






Meet The Garden Design Team

Meet lead garden designer Robyn Price, and her dedicated team of garden architects, here.










Recent Garden Designs

Black Robin Garden Design have completed a number of high quality garden design in North London.

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